The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the way we move around and interact with our environment and masks have become essential to the continued health of our customers.


In response to this demand, OTC Medicinal is offering its own line of Canadian-made masks to our valued customers. If you’re struggling to find stylish, comfort-fit, breathable masks for everyday use, our 100% cotton masks are the best option in the market.


These stylish but functional masks come in two elegant designs: Premium Cotton Breathable and the Utility mask, which has been fashioned with a trendy zipper design for easy access while eating and/or drinking. 


Whether you’re simply running errands or gathering in a small group of friends and family, never be without your OTC Medicinal mask. Both mask designs are available in a classic white colour, giving them great versatility when it comes to your personal style. As a bonus, our washable, reusable masks are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Shop our designs below.